Our way of working

The intervention times being counted, OPTI GESTION makes sure to optimize its support process. We achieve this through a simple and systematic method that leads us to:

  • Drive an audit, more or less thorough depending on the situation,
  • Dedicate quickly and regularly discussion time with the Leader and the Key Managers of the company, in order to understand its operation, and then to better control the development,
  • Identify quickly the axes of progress,
  • Define the priorities of the actions to be leaded,
  • To find internal relays.

Skills areas and actions fields

Administrative & Financial Management

Advice and support in the construction, organization and / or optimization of the Finance-Accounting department to fully control the economic situation of your company.

  • General & Analytic Bookkeeping
  • Treasury
  • Tax
  • Information System (ERP)
  • Transverse & Hierarchical Management
  • Relationship with banks, official authorities, certified accountants, auditors

Management Control & Performance Monitoring

Advice & Support in setting up procedures, reports and relevant dashboards, to secure your operational processes and improve the economic performance of your activities.

  • Internal Audit
  • Financial Control
  • Budget Control
  • Operational Management Control

Sales Administration

Advice & Support in the Responsibility of your Customer Billing and Recovery for an improved cash flow, combining completeness and responsiveness.

  • Procedures establishment and control of their respect
  • Management of the quotes, orders and invoices returning to customers (deadlines, rates, service level)
  • Organization of the quotes reminding and identification of the reasons for refusals

Team Management & Recruitment

Advice & support in the governance of your Administrative & Financial Management, Management Control and Sales Administration teams, to optimize the stability, growth and loyalty of your Human Resources.

  • Needs assessment
  • Writing job descriptions and job offers
  • Candidates selection on CV and recruitment interviews
  • Welcome and integration
  • Daily and objective management
  • Annual interviews

Let’s start working and moving forward as of now!


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